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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Justice Department to Emily Miller: We're Not Stopping Operation Choke Point

Emily Miller, formerly Washington Times editorial writer and now Investigative Reporter with DC's Fox News 5, appeared on the station's Good Day DC on Monday to talk about the Justice Department's Operation Choke Point.  Choke Point is an initiative that USDOJ claims is set up to protect consumers from shady businesses that are breaking the law, but it increasingly is associated with shutting down legal businesses like firearm retailers and ammunition retailers (note - FDIC revised their guidance that to banks on July 28, 2014.  However, it is believed all they did was remove the list from their web site but did not change their policy related to the original list).  It should be noted that while they removed the list.  That's right, the official Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) list includes firearm and ammunition sales.  Last week, Congress included language in the Commerce, Science and Justice Appropropriations bill that directs the Department to not spend any of the appropriation on Operation Choke Point.  That would only impact the DOJ's spending after October 1, meaning they could continue to target our 2nd Amendment Rights until then.  But, Emily Miller said when she contacted the DOJ spokeswoman, that individual said they are only targeting illegal businesses and they don't intend to stop the intitiative.
Miller talked more in depth about the initiative and its impact on Second Amendment Rights with NRA News on Tuesday.

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