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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Handgun Sales Are Hot

CNN Money reports that the sale of handguns are quite brisk with Smith and Wesson sales jumping by nearly a third at the end of last year and Colt Manufacturing sold 12 times as many handguns early this year as it did in 2013. And, compact handguns, those easiest to carry concealed, are growing at double the rate of overall handgun sales.
The market shift toward handguns has been so pronounced that Colt is repurposing some of its manufacturing equipment and personnel that were dedicated to making semiautomatic rifles to make handguns instead.

No surprise based on the story shared yesterday where the Seattle Times noted that the growth in concealed carry permits in Washington is being driven largely by women.

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Greg said...

Many women prefer smaller firearms for concealed carry because they fit their hands better and are easier to conceal on a smaller frame.

Many men are also choosing smaller concealed carry weapons, especially those who are more active or live in warmer climates. An increase in smaller weapons is likely to be a continuing trend in the future.