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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Halbrook: Should Not Read Anything Into Court's View of Carry With Abramski Ruling

VSSA Life Member and Second Amendment Attorney Steve Halbrook appeared on NRANews' Cam and Company on Wednesday to provide some additional analysis of the Abramski vs. US ruling where Virginia resident Bruce Abramski, Jr.'s, conviction of making a so-called "straw purchase" was upheld by a divided U.S. Supreme Court. Cam Edwards asked whether gun owners should read anything into Justice Kennedy's siding with the anti-rights justices on the court and whether that spells bad news for the carry cases like Peruta vs. San Diego, that are possibly headed to the Supreme Court.  Halbrook said we shouldn't read Monday's ruling as bad news (he didn't say it was good news either) because it was a totally different  question before the court.

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