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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brat Gets Stunning Victory over Cantor

NBC 12 is reporting that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost to Tea Party Challenger Dave Brat.  Brat leads 56% to 44%.  Cantor lost the bellwether GOP stronghold of Chesterfield County 55 to 45, or by 1650 votes with one precinct left.  He also is losing his home county of Henrico with two precincts left to report. Cantor also lost Hanover County big.

Cantor will likely question whether he made the right decision to not debate Brat and lay out his positions for the voters rather than first ignor Brat then go on an ad blitz to paint Brat as a liberal.

This is clearly a case of money not being able to beat energized grassroots.  Cantor spent raised $5 million and Brat raised less than 100,000 about $200,000.

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