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Friday, May 2, 2014

Snark in Economist Editorial on New Pro-Gun Law in Georgia

If it were not for the first paragraph in this Economist story on the new Georgia pro-freedom legislation just signed by Govenor Nathan Deal, it would be a mostly balanced article.
HAVE you ever stood in a steamy, crowded bar, jostling other patrons to catch the bartender’s attention, and thought: “This would be more fun if everyone here were armed”? If so, Georgia is the state for you. On April 23rd Nathan Deal, the governor, signed a law which, he said, “gives added protections to those who have played by the rules”. The National Rifle Association (NRA) called it a “historic victory for the Second Amendment”. Critics call it the “guns everywhere” bill.
I also have to question how they determine if a state has "strentghened" or "weakened" its gun laws.  Virginia is listed as one of the 17 that has stengthened its gun laws since January 1st, 2013.  Virginia has not passed a gun control law since 1993 (handgun rationing) and that one was repealed in 2012.  I don't think most pro-rights activists consider laws that make it harder for mentally ill inviduals to get firearms, gun control in the sense that most of us view it ( i.e. laws that make it harder for law abiding people to exercise their rights).  Laws improving the way that mental health information is reported to NICS passed in 2008 after the Virginia Tech Shooting.  Additional mental health legislation passed this year in the wake of the sad incident where State Senator Creigh Deeds' son stabbed his father then shot himself.  Other than that, not sure to what the Economist is referring.

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