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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NRA Freestyle Launches

NRA Freestyle, a web based programming portal launched on Mother's Day with it's first program offering called Noir.  Featuring long-time firearm video blogger Colion Noir and co-host Amy Robbins the program features discussions about firearms and culture.  Mr. Noir has also been an NRANews Commentator for the last year. 

The new web video portal is part of NRA's outreach efforts showing how broad the firearms community is, with this effort being target at millennials.  It has not been without the usual criticism from the left, some of it personally directed at Mr. Noir, but that was to be expected.   Other bloggers have covered that here here and here.

Colion Noir has a strong following outside of his NRA work with over 185,000 followers of his blog and over 220,000 subscribers on his YouTube page.  His video defending the Daniel Defense Super Bowl ad earlier this year had over 2.6 million views.  ABC News has billed NRA Freestyle as a "Netflix-style" multimedia effort to reach out to the "smartphone generation."

Well, if you watch the videos on You Tube, you probably can watch it on your smartphone but you can also watch on your tablet or desk top using the Freestyle web site.  Here's a look at the second episode.

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