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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gun Ownership in America

On the last day of the NRA Annual Meeting The Economist ran this:
The annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, America’s gun lobby, ended yesterday in Indianapolis, attracting 70,000 gun lovers. But it’s not all ammo and AK-47s. Wine stalls and cigar booths were set up. Seminars were held on sausage making and puppy training. Packing in Pink, a gun accessories firm targeting women, offered ladylike holsters and children’s clothes. In short, guns are not a fringe fetish among disaffected Americans but part of its mainstream culture. Survey data by YouGov for The Economist bear this out. More than one in ten women say they own a gun.  Education level has no bearing on ownership, nor does region. Fewer people left-of-centre own guns, yet many do. And the poll offers surprises. Ownership is roughly the same by income, except for the poor, who are less likely to pack. Older people embrace arms more. To be sure, people aren’t always truthful on surveys. But it underscores that gun culture is as much a part of American life as baseball and apple pie.
And it's that last line that will drive the gun ban lobby nuts.  They are doing everything they can to make gun owners look like they something to be shunned.  But the graphic below paints a different picture.

Gun ownership in America is mainstream and women make up the fastest growing segment of the population owning firearms, many of them being moms.  Shannon Watts, Mike Bloomberg, assisted by the mainstream media have the narrative that only their "moms" matter.  Well, they have their moms, and we have ours.

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Unknown said...

I just hope we can get more millenials to embrace the 2nd Amendment.