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Monday, May 19, 2014

First Bloomberg, Now "Moms" Want to Instill Fear

Yesterday, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on CBS' Face the Nation "We need to make the National Rifle Association afraid of us." That is apparently the new talking point for the gun ban lobby.  Today, reports that Representative Carolyn McCarthy said:
"Over the years, I have had many colleagues tell me that they would like to support my bills but are terrified to do so because the NRA would end their legislative careers in the next election," said McCarthy, a New York Democrat, in a phone interview. "To overcome this logjam, Congress must become more afraid of the moms than the NRA." 

So, these people are about instilling fear, and they think "moms" are the perfect weapon. Apparently they don't know how popular these buttons were during the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis this year.
Or that mom and champion shooter Julie Golob started a social media movement of her own around Mother's Day encouraging gun owners to teach their children about firearm safety.
But most importantly, thousands of women continue to turn our for NRA Women on Target clinics like this one held at VSSA affiliated club, Arlington/Fairfax IWLA a couple weekends ago.
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I bet there are a lot of moms in that photo.

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