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Friday, May 23, 2014

Associations Now Review of NRAFreestyle's Noir

Rob Stott of Associations Now has an unbiased look at NRA Freestyle's Noir.  As part of the piece, Stott spoke with Sarah Sladek, founder of XYZ University and author of The End of Membership As We Know It who told him:
“Groups have to be willing to be authentic and take some risks, but the other piece of it is have a solid grassroots plan,” she said. “If an organization tries to force sharing of content, it doesn’t always work. So, I’ll advise groups to bring in a younger focus group and get their perspective before sending anything out. Get their feedback.”
Going to someone like Colion Noir, who already had a following for his firearm related You Tube videos, NRA has met the authenticity part.  Sladek also told Stott:
“In this case it would be, ‘Who within our membership is younger and has a great network socially, loves the NRA, and would be willing to share our videos and really promote us and be the on-the-ground advocate for us?’” Sladek said. “Those are usually the types of campaigns that do really well, because other people jump onboard when they see key influencers and thought leaders sharing content. They admire that and then they want to share it too.”
It was refreshing to see a piece that spent its time talking about the NRA's outreach effort rather than picking the video apart and taking gratuitous swipes at the NRA and/or Noir and Amy Robbins.

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