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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Virginia Gun Ban Advocate to Accompany CSGV Billboard at NRA Annual Meeting

Got an email from CSGV around 11:00 this morning alerting me to the rolling billboard they will have in Indianapolis during the NRA Annual Meeting and said they wanted me to be one of the first to see it.  They also asked for money.  Below is the image that accompanied the email.
 The email went on to say:
As I explained previously, the NRA is hoping to dominate the media cycle with their usual propaganda about freedom, liberty and "good guys with guns" during the convention, but we are not going to let them get away with it. It's time the media and public learned that the NRA is run by a group of extremists who routinely trample on any freedom that gets in the way of gun industry profits and unfettered access to firearms.
The billboard is supposed to circle the convention center all weekend and highlight the  "offensive remarks" by NRA Board Members and staff that the group says it has catalogued.  They also plan to send Lori Haas, mother of one of the Virginia Tech shooting survivors and former member of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe's transition team to Indianapolis to speak for the group.


WillVMI68 said...

Lori Haas may very well still have her son to love and hug if, and only if, concealed handguns had not been banned on campus. The deranged killer simply violated the "Gun Free Zone," a policy that not only allowed, but encouraged him to roam the building, killing as he pleased, knowing he would be confronted by no armed resistance.

Sleinagain said...

Right you are WillVM, criminals do not follow laws. Gun free zones protect no one and at best add charges if the thug survives. Those who support more useless laws provide aid and cover to the killers.