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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reconvened Session to Take Up McAuliffe Anti-Gun Amendment at Noon Today

The Reconvened Session of the 2014 General Assembly is at noon today to take up Governor Terry McAuliffe's vetos and amendments to bills passed this year.  There is only one bill, SB377, that has implecations to gun owners.  SB 377 sets up a voluntary process for licensed firearm retailers who are taking a firearm in trade or sale from a non-dealer, to check to see if the firearm in question has been reported lost or stolen.  The non-dealer seeking to trade or sell the firearm would be required to sign a consent form allowing the check.  As passed, if the firearm was found to not have been reported lost or stolen, the consent forms would have to be destroyed within two weeks.  Governor McAuliffe amendmend the bill to specify the forms could not be destroyed prior to 90 days and also makes no mention of a requirement to destroy the forms, setting up a backdoor registration process.  VSSA has asked Senators to reject the amendment.  As soon as the bill comes up for action on the floor, we will share the results on the VSSA Twitter feed and on Facebook.

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