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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Active Shooter Call at Portmouth's Naval Medical Center Prompts Questions on Firearms on Base

WAVY 10 took a look at the rules related to firearms on Naval Bases after a Tuesday morning "Active Shooter" call at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth.
10 On Your Side has been digging into the guidelines for guns on bases, and here’s what we found out. State issued concealed weapons permits are not recognized on any Navy installation. But the Navy doesn’t altogether say no to personal firearms on base. Sailors and civilian employees should just have a card showing proof that he or she is authorized to carry a personal firearm. That card can be attained with a commanding officer’s prior approval.

We’re told that all personal firearms have to be stored in the installation’s armory, unloaded and secured with a trigger lock, and ammunition has to be far away.
Last weeks Fort Hood shootings have renewed debate on whether military personal should be allowed to carry and/or keep firearms on base.

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