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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Moms Demand Misleads in Push to Criminalize Private Sales

If you saw this Moms Demand Action graphic as a stand alone item, you would think that the Virginia Tech shooter did not undergo background checks before he purchased his firearms.

The Facebook post on their page however explains what happened a little differently.

Even that explanation is misleading.  Virginia law at the time was not clear related to what information had to be added to state databases related to mental health.  And, since the 2007 shooting, Virginia has changed the law and leads the nation in reporting mental health information for the purposes of background checks.  So, maybe Shannon Watts should find another talking point because the Virginia Tech angle is getting a bit worn.


David Brown said...

When you actively and blatantly lie to achieve your goal you are confirming beyond reproach that you know your goal is not righteous, can not hold up under scrutiny, is not popular or winnable on its true merits and that you hold intelligent folks in contempt.

Christopher Highe said...

She's turned to downright manipulation of facts and photographs, posting images of previous Open Carry rallies and trying to claim them occurring at times that do not correlate, such as their most recent claim that they caught on camera an Open Carry protester near SXSW in Austin, TX.

They're as dangerous as a Jihadist, and equally fanatical.