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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cat Fight Between Gun Ban Lobby Groups

It was bound to happen.  Mayor's Against Illegal Guns has become the bully on the block over the last several years because it has had the money, and at times the savvy, to at least make themselves look successful.  At least one gun ban group that has been around longer, and been less successful when it comes to having funding to do what they wanted to do, is starting to get a little jealous.  We now have dueling notices to supporters between MAIG and Brady on the noise from the gun ban lobby related to Facebook/Instagram firearm posts.  Bitter has the story over on Shall Not Be Questioned:
Moms Demand Illegal Mayors, or whatever the two merged groups are called these days, are declaring total victory in the Facebook/Instagram policy statement that any reported post featuring an offer to sell any regulated product privately will generate a reminder to sellers that they shouldn’t violate the law. But the Brady Campaign swiftly sent out a letter to their supporters highlighting that the anti-gun groups didn’t get anything they demanded at all, and this is not in any way a victory. The thing is, the Brady Campaign is right on this, at least coming from a gun banner’s perspective.
So desperate to claim victory is MAIG and their satelite orgainzations, that they take a notice that those posting items for sale (in this case firearms) on Facebook/Instagram should not violate the law, as a smack down to gun owners.  As Bitter points out, in this case, Brady is right.

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