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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Important Firearm Bills to be Heard in Senate Courts on Wednesday

With today being Crossover (when each chamber may only take up bills originating in the other chamber), Senate Courts of Justice will hear three important firearm related bills 1/2 hour after the Senate adjourns.  The bills are:

H.B. 705 Concealed handgun permits; eliminates certain requirements for an out-of-state permit.
Patron: Gilbert
Out-of-state concealed handgun permits. Eliminates certain requirements for an out-of-state concealed handgun permit to be recognized in Virginia and provides that such a permit authorizes the holder of the permit to carry a concealed handgun so long as the permit holder carries a valid government-issued photo identification and presents that identification to any law-enforcement officer upon request.

H.B. 878 Firearms, certain; certification by chief law-enforcement officer within 30 days of request.
Patron: LaRock
Law-enforcement certification of certain firearms. Requires that when certification of a chief law-enforcement officer is required by federal law for transfer of a firearm, as defined in the National Firearms Act, such certification must be provided within 30 days if the applicant is not prohibited by law from receiving the firearm. If the applicant is prohibited by law from receiving the firearm, the chief law-enforcement officer or his designee shall provide written notification to the applicant stating the reason for the prohibition. The definition of "firearm" includes machine guns, rifles and shotguns of a certain length, weapons made from certain rifles or shotguns, silencers, and destructive devices.
A BILL to amend the Code of Virginia by adding a section numbered 18.2-295.1, relating to law-enforcement certification of certain firearms.

H.B. 962 Concealed handgun; carrying in a secured container or compartment in vehicle.
Patron: Cline
Carrying concealed handgun; secured container or compartment in vehicle. Provides that for purposes of the exception to the prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon in a secured container or compartment in a personal, private motor vehicle or vessel, the term "compartment" includes a console, glove compartment, or any other area within or on the vehicle or vessel that possesses the ability to be closed. The bill also provides that the term "secured" does not require that a container or compartment be locked, but merely closed.

It is important that you contact members of the committee now and urge them to vote to report the bills. The committee make-up is much different than when some pro-rights Senate bills were reported earlier this session.  Now, the committee is co-chaired by two vehemently anti-rights Senators from the City of Richmond.  Contact information for the committee members can be seen by clicking on the names below.

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