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Friday, February 28, 2014

Brady Leader Apparently Hasn't Seen Latest Polls on Gun Control

Yesterday, Sarah Brady and Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign, were slobbered all over by MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.  Brady and Gross were on Mitchell's MSNBC program to talk about 20 years of background checks (it has been 20 years since the passage of the Brady Bill which temporarily created in most of the country a three-day waiting period for firearm purchases until the NICS background check could be put into place).  The three took the opportunity to get their facts wrong.  They repeated the discredited statement that "40 percent of all gun purchases in the US" occur without a background check.  Then Dan Gross said he is encouraged that more people in the country support gun control.  Apparently he missed this Gallup poll that showed, when combined, slightly more people either want gun laws to stay as they are or to be less strict, than those who want more gun control.  That poll is similar to this CNN poll from December that showed 50% oppose new gun control.

Now Gross would likely respond that the 49% figure supporting gun control is higher than it was in 2011, but the numbers continue to slide as the time after the Newtown shooting increases.

But, facts never have meant very much to the gun ban lobby.

Hat tip to AWR Hawkins and Breitbart News.

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