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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

USA Today Story on Firearm Injuries is Incomplete

USA Today is reporting this story that repeats a familiar theme of the gun ban lobby, "the safest home is the home without firearms."  It does appear however that those attempting to use statistics to infringe on our rights have started to learn from past mistakes.  Usually, when they talk about "children" injured by firearms, they included people under the age of 20, the high range of which most people would not consider children.  So, you will note in the headline to the story they have now changed the term to "young people."

Let's be serious. When you get to the age range with the most "injuries," the 15-19 age group, you are talking about a lot of gang bangers, as the graphic below shows that the overwhelming cause of injury in that group is assault. 

Source: "Pediatrics" journal for February. 1 - Most recent figures available. Age unknown for 112 victims.
Janet Loehrke and Anne R. Carey, USA TODAY
Doesn't make it any less tragic, but it does put the number in perspective. The fact is, fatal firearms accidents are down 45% since 1993 according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The study was just another attempt to push for gun control using a "Public Health Cost" argument.

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