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Thursday, January 30, 2014

JMU Professor Predicts Gun Bills Pro and Anti Not Going Far in General Assembly

Both the State Senate and the House of Delegates have dispatched most all of the gun control bills introduced this year.  It has been slow going for pro-rights bills.  Dr. Bob Roberts, a Political Analyst at James Madison University believes that neither side will gain any ground this year in the General Assembly.  WHSV TV3 in Harrisonburg ran this story yesterday.
A new dynamic has been introduced into the mix however with Democrats taking over the State Senate this week.  VSSA's lobbyist told me earlier today that the Senate has changed and not for the better.  All House bills will now go to the Senate Rules Committee rather than the Clerk of the Senate for assignment to Senate committees.  It is believed this will allow bills passed by the more conservative House of Delegates that the Senate Leadership (or even the Governor) does not like, to die.

Things have changed overnight and it is anyone's guess what the outcome will be.  VSSA is watching this very closely and will let members and gun owners know when action is needed.

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