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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gun Ban Lobby Looking to Make Firearms an Issue in 2014

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) sent our a fundraising email last night with the subject line "Two Huge Projects":
Next year is going be huge. We have two major projects we need your help on:
1. Make guns a salient voting issue in the 2014 election. This past spring, 45 members of the U.S. Senate blocked a bill to expand background checks—a policy that 90% of American voters support. In next November's midterm elections, we have an opportunity to make gun safety legislation a prominent issue. We have a real chance to elect the champions of this issue and defeat its opponents. We saw this strategy work this year in Virginia, where gun violence prevention advocates swept all three statewide races after we used protests, earned media, and ads to put our issues at the center of the debate. We know we can do it again. Will you contribute $20 to help change the debate on the gun issue in the 2014 election?
2. "Dangerousness" legislation. CSGV has pioneered a new approach to stopping potential mass shooters who have glaring red flags in their background from legally purchasing guns. Our strategy? Focusing on evidence of “dangerousness”—a past history of violent misdemeanor convictions or domestic abuse, for example. The idea is to prohibit troubled individuals from buying guns before they ever do harm. We are already working with federal and state lawmakers to sponsor legislation to put our strategy into action. We want to move forward with this initiative and others in the new year. Will you help us by donating today to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence? Thank you so much for your continued support. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Here's to a safer America in 2014!
Josh Horwitz
Executive Director
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
The second part of this is related to the strategy laid out at the UVA gun control forum on December 2nd.  It is looking like 2014 will be as active as 2013 was in fighting off the gun ban lobby at the General Assembly.

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