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Monday, December 30, 2013

Bill Allowing Firearms at Private and Religious Schools Prefiled at General Assembly

Delegate Mark Cole has introduced HB114 that would repeal the prohibition for possession of a firearm on the property of a private or religious elementary, middle, or high school.  It would also apply to a school bus owned or operated by such school; or any property being used for functions or extracurricular activities sponsored by such school of a stun weapon, knife, or other weapon (currently a Class 1 misdemeanor) or a firearm (currently a Class 6 felony). The bill does not affect the criminal penalties for the possession of such weapons on public school property.

Should the bill pass, it will be good news for parents who have children attending private schools in that they would be able to carry their self-defense firearm when attending activities at the school or picking up the children at school.  It would also open the opportunity for private schools who want to allow teachers and staff to carry while at school.

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