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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bloomberg Compares his Work to Ban Guns to Fight to End Smoking

NRA President James Porter wrote in the Daily Caller:
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was once asked by NBC’s David Gregory how much he was willing to spend to spread his vision for gun control to every corner of the nation.

“I think I have an obligation as an American and as a citizen, as a human being, to help others. Smoking is gonna kill a billion people this century. I put $600 million of my own money into trying to stop the tobacco companies … That’s one issue. Who knows with this?”
The gun ban crowd has tried to employ the strategy of the anti-smoking crowd for years.  They tried suing firearm manufacturers out of business until the passage of the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.  Some would like to make it socially unexceptable to be a gun owner, basically the way they did with smoking.

It's all in line with the so-called "public health approach" the gun ban lobby wants to take toward firearms, arguing that the costs associated with "dealing' with gun related crime outweighs the benefits of owning a firearms.

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