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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli on the Nearly $2 Million Bloomberg is Dropping in Virginia

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke with Cam Edwards of NRANews yesterday and talked about the pile of outside money being dropped, mainly in Northern Virginia, to defeat him in his race against Terry McAuliffe.  The San Francisco Gate noted:
Cuccinelli trails McAuliffe in campaign spending and polls. He has roughly kept pace on in-state donations, but out-of-state donors and activists have left Cuccinelli at a disadvantage with little time to make up lost ground.

In the closing days of the campaign, here are some critically important tasks that you can do to help:
Educate your family, friends and fellow firearm owners on the stark differences between the two candidates and ensure they vote for Ken Cuccinelli on November 5th!
Download, print and distribute the below flyer throughout the pro-Second Amendment community.
  • Below is contact information for the NRA-ILA’s Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) that have been deployed in Virginia to help get out the pro-rights vote on November 5th. The CFRs are working in strategic locations throughout Virginia to ensure gun owners are actively engaged in our grassroots efforts to turn out the pro-gun vote on November 5th.
  • Please make sure you contact the CFR nearest to you to assist with his/her efforts and encourage your family, friends and fellow firearm owners to do the same.
Don’t let Mayor Bloomberg buy this year’s elections in Virginia to further his nationwide anti-gun crusade! Vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor on November 5th and urge your family, friends and fellow firearm owners to do the same!
If you are able to assist, please contact the NRA Campaign Field Representative nearest you to volunteer. If a couple hours of your time aren't worth protecting our freedom, what is?
defeat Terry McAuliffe 


James Lee

Chesterfield, Powhatan
James Morton

Newport News
Trey Ramsey

Augusta, Rockingham
Terry Durkin

Buchanan, Wise
Lexy Rusnak

Northern Virginia
Jacob Champion

Bedford, Amherst
Raney Quirk

Again, Please print and distribute the above flyer to your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners to make sure they understand the clear choice Virginia gun owners have in this year's elections.

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