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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bloomberg Injects Himself Into Virginia AG Race

After pumping $2 million into the Virginia Governor's race, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now adding an additional million targeting GOP candidate for Attorney General, Mark Obenshain.  But unlike the ads against Cuccinelli, which attack the Republican for his stance against gun control, Bloomberg is targeting Obenshain on other social issues in addition to gun control.  From Politico:
The Bloomberg spot broadly paints Obenshain as a hard-right candidate, using his support six years ago as a state senator for a so-called “personhood” amendment and pivoting to a vote against background checks at gun shows.

And just as Bloomberg's ads against Cuccinelli are misleading (a polite description), the ads against Obenshain are just as dishonest:
“Here are few things Mark Obenshain tried to outlaw,” the narrator of the ad says. “Birth control pills. Women choosing to have an abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.”
The ad goes on: “But when it comes to actual criminals, Obenshain voted to let convicted felons avoid background checks at gun shows, and voted to repeal the one gun a month law, meaning criminals could buy guns in bulk. Instead of dictating to women, Virginia needs an Attorney General who cracks down on real criminals.”
Bloomberg is on a mission to defeat those who believe in the Second Amendment. He sees that the Attorney General’s race is neck-and-neck, with Mark Obenshain leading in most public polls.  
Bloomberg is hoping to tip the scale in favor of anti-rights Democrat Mark Herring.

Cuccinelli, Jackson and Obenshain need your help to counter the big money.

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