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Monday, July 15, 2013

Will Zimmerman Trial Change Self Defense in Virginia

WTVR 6 asked that question today.

The short answer is, we will continue to push for Castle Doctrine legislation at the Virginia General Assembly.

VSSA's position has always been one of support for Castle because we believe someone should not have to lose everything they have defending their actions in court before Virginia takes steps to protect our right to defend ourselves in our home or on our property.  So, when Virginia does finally pass Castle Doctrine legislation, it won't be due to what happened in Florida, it will be due to the fact a majority of the General Assembly finally has figured out that Virginians are at risk of being sued by criminals who try to do us harm in our own home until the law specifically says they cannot seek legal action against a law abiding citizen attempting to protect themselves or their families.

Here is the TV6 report.

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