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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Robert Zimmerman on Armed American Radio

Besides several very good firearm and pro-rights related blogs, a good source of 2nd Amendment information is available from longtime radio programs like NRANews's Cam and Company, which is on satellite radio as well as the Internet and Sportsman Channel, Tom Gresham's syndicated radio program Gun Talk, and Mark Walters' syndicated radio program Armed American Radio.   The great thing about all three is they podcast their broadcasts so if you can't listen live, you can listen at your convenience.  This past Sunday's Armed American Radio featured the Robert Zimmerman and his attorney in the first two hours, talking about his brother George and sharing information about the case that you haven't heard in the mainstream media.  It was very apparent why Robert Zimmerman was the family spokesman throughout this ordeal.  You can hear the mostly untold story here and here.

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