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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friends of NRA Sees Growth in Virginia

2013 has been a remarkable year already for the Friends of NRA program in Virginia.  Numbers are way up on both attendance and funds raised.   There are a couple brand new committees on board for this year, and so far every committee has experienced their most successful events to date!

Listed below are some stats on event Net dollars raised to date and a listing of upcoming banquets:
Held Events:
Date          Committee                      Net Dollars   %Increase
2/28/13     Danville/Pittsylvania         $33,700.       106.35% up
3/16/13     Northern Valley               $26,205.      35%  up
3/23/13     Southern Commonwealth  $45,500.      234% up
3/29/13     Culpepper                       $18,250.       61% up
4/3/13       Three Rivers                    $10,485.       316% up
4/13/13    SWVA  (southwest VA)   $7,240.       *New committee
4/27/13    Fredericksburg                  $24,000.    *New committee
5/9/13      Hampton FONRA            $16,850.       233%up

Upcoming Events:
8/6/13                   Central Virginia FoNRA             Lynchburg, VA
8/8/13                   Greater Richmond FoNRA        Richmond, VA
9/7/13                   Southside FoNRA                      Lunenburg, VA
9/13/13                Loudoun County FoNRA            Dulles, VA
9/14/13                Heart of VA FoNRA                   Farmville, VA
9/21/13                Southern Regional FoNRA          South Boston, VA
9/27/13                Jefferson Area FoNRA                Charlottesville, VA
10/4/13                Fairfax FoNRA                            Fairfax, VA
10/5/13                Chincoteague FoNRA                  Chincoteague, VA
10/12/13              Patrick Henry FoNRA                  Martinsville, VA

Hat tip to NRA Virginia Field Rep. David Wells.

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