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Monday, June 17, 2013

Those Non-Existent New Gun Owners

We've been told by folks like the Brady Campaign that all those record breaking gun sale numbers are driven by existing gun owners, that we have less people owning firearms than ever before.

But Fox Business has this report that gives a different picture:
Retailers surveyed by the NSSF, a trade association for the firearms industry, reported that 25.8% of their customers were first-time firearm buyers in 2012. That reflects a slight improvement over the prior year’s 25% but a large jump from 20.8% in 2010.
Tom Gresham gave similar data on his Gun Talk program yesteday.  During a conversation with a caller, Gresham estimated that the number of people owning at least one firearm is over 100 million, about 30% of the nation's population.

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