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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crime Continues to Decline in Virginia Despite Increased Firearms Sales

Continuing a trend that was noted late last year by a researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University, while the sale of fireams continues to be brisk and are at all time highs, the Richmond Times Dispatch reports both violent and property crimes fell about 3 percent in Virginia in 2012 compared to 2011.
State police say drug and narcotics offenses rose 9.4 percent and increased for the third straight year. Crimes such as burglaries, larcenies and motor vehicle thefts fell 3.3 percent, while murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assaults dropped by 3 percent. Specifically, there was a 13.2 percent decrease in robberies. Motor vehicle thefts and attempted thefts fell 8 percent.
So, it would appear that once again, the gun ban lobby is wrong.  The availability of firearms does not lead to a more dangerous society.

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