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Thursday, May 2, 2013

African Safaris Not As Expensive As You Might Think

You meet some of the nicest people at an NRA Annual Meeting.  This morning I shared a shuttle from the hotel to the covention center with a representative of Comre Safaris and had a great conversation.  I've seen a lot of hunting shows from Jim Shockey to Ted Nugent that feature African hunts and it is something that a lot of hunters may consider a  dream hunt but figure is financially out of reach.  Nancy Gysin, Safari Representative with Comre, told me however that depending on the package, you can book a hunt for about the cost of a cruise plus air fare.  If you go in groups of four, the cost can be even less.  The more exotic the game, the more the cost, but Nancy said you can still get a great hunt for less than you would think.

Comre Safaris - Plains Game from iGala Productions on Vimeo.

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