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Monday, April 8, 2013

Toomey is Media's Latest "Key" Senator of the Day on Background Checks

Pennsylvania pro-rights Senator Pat Toomey has become the latest "key" to passing "universal background checks."  Earlier in the week it was Arizona Senator John McCain.  So I guess since Toomey has now surfaced, McCain may not have been the key after all? This from
Gun-control advocates believe they need a credible conservative voice, preferably from a state with a strong gun culture, to sign on to a background-check bill in order to rally enough support and overcome fears - stoked by the National Rifle Association - that broader checks will lead to a national gun registry or allow for seizure of firearms. An endorsement from a gun-rights Republican could add critical momentum for President Obama's last, best hope for significant gun legislation.

Toomey would fill the bill. The NRA endorsed his 2010 Senate run, and the group's lobbying arm features one of his speeches on its website.
For their part, activists in the Keystone State are not taking any chances.

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