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Friday, March 29, 2013

Political Eyes Will Be on Virginia in 2013

According to the Washington Post, all political eyes will be firmly focused on  the race for Governor in Virginia between Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Terry "Party Animal" McAuliffe in 2013 to get an indication of what 2014 may hold for the nation.
Both candidates have serious vulnerabilities.

At a moment when the national Republican Party is trying to smooth its edges and broaden its appeal, its Virginia nominee will be an unapologetic tea party favorite who leans hard right on social and fiscal issues.

Cuccinelli is “almost a test case of the argument that Republicans win when they don’t trim their beliefs,” said Bob Holsworth, a retired political science professor and a partner in the Richmond public-service consulting firm DecideSmart.

And in an off year, when turnout tends to be low and organization matters, the Democratic contender is someone who has never held office, is largely unknown to Virginia voters and who flopped when he ran four years ago.
We'll see if that nine-year tradition of spanking the party in the White House continues and if it portends any messages for 2014 as it did with four years ago.

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