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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Obama Hoping Pivoting Back to Gun Control Will Help Slumping Poll Numbers

From The Hill:
“What the public wants to see right now is him achieving things, leading,” said Tad Devine, a former strategist to John Kerry and Al Gore. “For him, there's real opportunity on all these fronts, and… realistically in the next six months, he can have progress he can bring back to the American people.”

On gun control, Obama will travel the country to bolster the case for strengthening background checks on gun purchases. Obama is expected to play an active role in the looming Senate fight over what Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has described as the “sweet spot” of legislation.
If they are looking for him to "have progress" on gun control, he is facing long odds where it currently looks like the only placethere is any opportunity is expanding background checks.  Feinstein's gun ban is all but dead as is a ban on standard capacity magazines.  So-called "universal background checks" are on life support as Schumer has been unable to get a high profile pro-rights Republican senator to join him to bring on the necessary votes.  When the White House talks about gun control in response to press inquiries, you get responses like this:
"There actually is a lot of strong support for the proposals that the president has put forward, whether it's universal background checks, whether it is, you know, outlawing gun trafficking or straw purchasers," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. "There's even some support out there in the public for the assault weapons ban."
Notice that the reference to the so-called "assault weapons ban" was almost an afterthought.

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