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Sunday, March 24, 2013

NRA Regains Footing After Rough Start

The Hill Blog Briefing Room has this post today titled NRA Gains Upper Hand on Obama making the case that after a tough start following the Newtown school shooting, NRA has overtaken Obama on the issue of gun control.
The powerful gun lobbying group had stumbled in the immediate wake of December's Newtown, Conn., grade-school massacre, launching a blistering attack on opponents that alienated even some NRA supporters and upped the odds of Obama moving tougher gun laws through Congress.

But three months later, the NRA has regained its footing, rallying gun owners and lawmakers against new gun controls in a fierce lobbying effort that appears to be paying dividends on Capitol Hill.
Now that we are debating specific policy, NRA is on turf that it is more comfortable defending.  It didn't hurt that NRA also came in possession of this document showing none of Obama's proposals would prevent future mass shootings or reduce crime.

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