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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bolling Says No to Independent Run For Governor

I just received this in my inbox:
“Given the current political dynamics in Virginia, the prospects of an Independent campaign were very appealing to me, and based on the positive feedback I had received from business leaders, community leaders and citizens all across our state, I am confident that I could have run a credible and competitive campaign and made a positive contribution to the public debate.  In many ways I would have enjoyed participating in such a campaign a great deal and I think it could have been good for Virginia.

“However, after a great deal of consideration I have decided that I will not be an Independent candidate for Governor this year.  There were many factors that influenced my decision to forgo such a campaign.
He goes on to talk about the large amount of money that would be required and how he looks forward to finishing his work with Governor McDonnell. But, we will not have a spoiler campaign and can focus on electing a pro-rights Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General to continue leading Virginia.

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