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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yes, NRA Membership is Growing, and Growing Fast

In this article, the Daily Herald in Everett, Washington, questioned rather NRA membership is really 4.5 million and if in the span of a couple months whether the NRA membership could have increased by a half million.  They go through a list of various quotes related to memberships and magazine subscriptions, suggesting the numbers don't add up.
We were also surprised that 15 percent of the NRA members would pass up a chance to get a glossy, free magazine.

Given the current climate, is it really out of the realm of possibility that the NRA's membership has jumped by so many so fast.  By comparison, VSSA, which is much smaller than the NRA, has seen a membership increase of almost 17% in the last two months and it is likely many other state associations have seen similar increases.  So why should it be so unbelievable that NRA membership has increased 12% since the attacks on our rights began?  Must have been a slow news day in Everett.

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Pocono Shooting said...

I view my magazine subscription on line in order to save the NRA money so they have more resources to fight the gun-grabbers.