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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Will Bolling Help Put McAuliffe in the Governor's Office?

A new poll shows the race for Virginia Governor between Terry McAuliffe and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli currently tied.  When Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's name is added as an independent candidate, Bolling garners 13% support, tipping the scales in McAuliffe's favor. Bolling has said he will announce on March 14th whether he intends to run as an independent.  NRO's Jim Geraghty has a good take on the poll. Asking rather 13% is really the theshold of a credible independent candidate, Geraghty ends with:
But this may come down to what Bolling really wants to see: his own victory… or Ken Cuccinelli’s defeat.

1 comment:

Todd Mitchem said...

Once people realize that Lt. Gov. Bolling is a scam, lacks the fortitude to stand up for freedom, and has consistently demanded bigger government approaches his days will be numbered in the state's political realm.