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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Opponents Narrative Runs Up Against Buzz Saw of Virginia Public Opinion on Photo ID for Voting

Opponents of Photo ID for voting in Virginia have run up against pubic opinion as the measure now heads to Governor McDonnell for his signature. Nationally, opponents, including U.S. Attorney Eric Holder have compared recent Photo ID laws to "poll taxes" passed after the end of slavery in the south.  Democrats in the State Senate used some of the same arguments.  Apparently, Virginians, including Blacks, don't see it that way.  The Richmond Times Dispatch reports a poll this morning showing that a large majority of Virginians favor requiring a Photo ID when you show up at the polls.
The survey of voters found support for the idea high among Republicans, 95–4 percent, while Democrats backed it 57–41 percent and independents 78–20 percent.

A gender gap was around the poll’s margin of error, while white voters supported the idea 79–19 percent and black voters 66–34 percent.
You read that right - 66% of Blacks support Photo ID for voting.  Maybe that's because the populations that are sighted a being the most impacted by such laws, elderly and low income minorities already have to have a photo ID to conduct other business in the Commonwealth, and the nation.  For instance, elderly citizens have to have their Social Security checks automatically deposited into their checking or savings account and to open such an account, banks require a Photo ID.  To fly, and even low income people have to fly from time to time, you have to show a Photo ID.  To pick up your child from school early, many require the individual picking up the child to show a Photo ID when they go to the school office.

And finally, to exercise your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, you have to show a Photo ID to purchase a firearm.  As National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea has pointed out, the Justice Department's stance against Photo ID laws is "glaringly inconsistent."  While Justice opposes Photo ID for voting, they apparently have no problem with disenfranchising minorities from their 2nd Amendment rights.

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