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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is President's Focus on Gun Control Affecting His Job Approval?

A February 8 Quinnipiac University notes that President Obama's job approval rating has dropped to 46% approving and 45% disapproval of the job he is doing.  With over 20 million Americans out of work, unemployment stuck around 8%, and the economy sputtering for the last four years, has the President's focus on gun control rather than the economy?

A recent Rasmussen poll showed that 86% of respondants ranked job creation as important while only 48% ranked gun control as important.  Further, a January Rasmussen poll showed that 57% of those polled believed enforcing current gun laws was more important than creating new ones.

The President must believe he has started the second term on the wrong note.  Next week's State of the Union Address is said to be focused on job creation.  He'll likely stay focused as long on the topic as he has in the past, the amount of time it takes to deliver the speech.

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