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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

State Senator Marsden Wants to Hold Gun Onwers Liable for Crimes When Firearm is Stolen and Used in a Crime

State Senator Dave Marsden has prefiled bills that would make the victim of a crime of stolen firearms civilly liable if those firearms were used in a crime, and a bill that would fine the owner if they do not report the firearm(s) as stolen withing 48 hours of when "he knew or reasonably should have known that such firearm had been lost or stolen." SB 785 and SB 786 were prefiled within days of the Sandy Hook, CT, school shooting.

While only total of six firearm related bills have been prefiled to date (five restricting our rights and one that yet again creates an exemption from concealed handgun permit fees for a class of public employees), it is expected that a range of anti-rights bills will be introduced to include bans on private transfers which was first introduced last year by Richmond State Senator Donald Maceachin , as well as the annual so-called "gun show loophole" bill.  WTOP reports that Richmond Delegate Joe Morrissey is drafting legislation that would ban modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines.

The 2013 General Assembly convenes on January 9th and will be in session until February 23.  The Reconvened Session to consider the Governor's vetoes and amendments will be held April 3rd.  The last day to introduce legislation is January 18th and "Crossover" is February 5th. 

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