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Friday, January 18, 2013

Senator William Stanley Abandoned Gun Owners on Gun Show Vote

As detailed in VSSA's legislative update emailed out earlier today the busy morning in Senate Courts of Justice defeated most all of the anti-rights legislation except one - the so-called "gun show loophole" bill.  Two bills were combined into one and then anti-rights Senator Donald McEachin offered an amendment in the nature of a substitute to require private sellers to consign their firearms to an FFL in order to sell them at a gun.  This is burdensome not only to the private seller, but also to FFLs, who are (rightly) more concerned with their own livelihood than trying to sell someone else firearm.

This would not have happened if Delegate William Stanley from southwest Virginia had not abandoned gun owners.  It was expected that committee chairman Thomas Norment would vote for the bill because he has done so in the past.  But if Stanley had not voted for the bill, it would have died 7-7. Even after casting the vote, the Times Dispatch reported that he was already back peddling.
Even Stanley, a conservative Republican from Southwest Virginia, backpedalled somewhat after the vote, saying the bill needs work and he needs to see it in its final version before deciding whether to continue to support it.

“The concept I support,” he said, noting that the legislation would not restrict the private sales of guns outside of gun shows. He called it “a work in progress.”
The bill now goes to Senate Finance to determine if it has a fiscal impact.  If it clears the finance committee, it will head to the floor where the vote will be close.  Please contact Senator Stanley and politely but firmly let him know how disappointed you are with his vote and to urge him to vote no on SB1001 if he is has the opportunity to vote on the bill again.

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