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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marsh Gun Show Bill Dies, For Now

SB1001, Senator Henry Marsh's annual bill to require background checks on private sales at gun shows went down to defeat today but not before there was some last minute attempts to save it from certain defeat.  Last Friday, a scheme was hatched to prohibit private sales at gun shows.  The only way a private seller could transfer a firearm at a gun show was if it was consigned to an FFL.  For all intent and purposes, it banned private sales.  That version was passed and rereferred to Senate Finance but about an hour later, Senator Bill Stanley who had abandoned his pro-rights position and voted for the substitute, had second thoughts.  He asked that the committee convene on the Senate floor and the bill was recommitted to Senate Courts of Justice.

VSSA's lobbyist reported that Stanley was still trying to work out a compromise today, this time to have a private seller kiosk at gun shows where background checks could be conducted. This AP story confirms that report and gives more detail that our lobbyist could pass along in a quick email.
Stanley said the compromise that he and others will be working on in the coming year would require gun show promoters to create a kiosk where buyers could voluntarily submit to a background check to purchase from individuals who want to sell only to customers who are legally entitled to own a gun. Details, including how the kiosk would be staffed, have yet to be determined.
Not sure that voluntary background checks are going to satisfy the antis.  It is clear that people like Richmond Senator Don McEachin want a ban on all private sales.

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