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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long Afternoon in Senate Courts to Include Three Firearm Bills

Senate Courts of Justice will meet a 1/2 after the Senate adjourns.  They have three firearm bills on the long docket.

Senate Bill 1001 - Richmond State Senator Henry Marsh's annual attack on gun shows that requires a background check on all private firearm transfers at a gun show.  Under current law, only licensed dealers must obtain such a check. (VSSA opposes)

This bill went through some lengthy discussion last Friday, was amendmened with a substitute to require that only FFLs could transfer firearms at gun shows (private owners would have to consign their firearms to dealers if they wanted to sell them at the show).  The substitute passed but then Republican Bill Stanley, who voted for the substitute, had second thoughts and about an hour after the bill was reported and referred to Senate Finance, the committee convened on the floor of the Senate to reconsider the vote.  It was then referred back to Senate Courts of Justice.  Stanley usually supports the pro rights position. The Legislative Information System does not indicate any of the activity that took place Friday.

Senate Bill 1299 - Provides that certain criminal history record information and protective order registry information shall be made available to the Attorney General of the United States for the purposes of using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to determine a person's eligibility to possess or receive a firearm under state or federal law.  (VSSA supports)

Senate Bill 1363 - Provides that residency for members of the armed forces for the purposes of firearms purchases in the Commonwealth shall include both the member's permanent duty post and the nearby state in which the member resides and from which he commutes to the permanent duty post. (VSSA supports)

It may be early evening before we know the outcome but VSSA will post on Twitter and here when the bills are taken up.

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