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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gun Control Not the Only Controversial Issue Obama Plans to Push This Month

During Obama's 1st term, after winning passage of his one signature legislative victory, Obamacare, he took a beating at the midterm polls and did not expend any political capital on controversial issues.  Even before being inaugurated for his second term, he has signaled that not only will he push for gun control, but will also deliver to the millions of illegal aliens in the country "immigration reform."  This from The Weekly Standard:
The Huffington Post quotes a Democratic aide who believes "Good news for immigration advocates may have come Tuesday night, when Boehner broke the so-called 'Hastert Rule' and allowed the fiscal cliff bill to come for a vote without support from a majority of his Republican conference. Given opposition to immigration reform by many Tea Party Republicans, the proof that Boehner is willing to bypass them on major legislation is a good sign."
Will Boehner also sell out the majority of his conference and the nation's firearms rights to bring up a gun control bill if the heat of gun control talk from the White House gets too hot for him to bear too?

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