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Monday, January 28, 2013

Few Limitations on Carrying Firearms in Virginia

Today the Richmond Times Dispatch has this article noting that all of the anti-rights bills have been defeated in the General Assembly this year (even before we are half-way through the session it should be noted) and that overall, there are few limits on carrying firearms in Virginia.
With a few exceptions, Virginia prohibits firearms in air carrier airport terminals, courthouses, schools and churches during a worship service. Three sets of people may bring weapons into the General Assembly Building or the state Capitol — legislators, law enforcement officers or people with concealed-carry permits. The state Senate also bars a variety of weapons in the gallery, whether or not the owner has a concealed-carry permit.
That's pretty much it.  If you are 18, you may carry openly and if you are 21 you may carry concealed handguns.  The Code does have limits when it comes to carrying certain rifles in public in certain locations.
One section of the state code does reflect differing views about firearms in more populous areas of the state as opposed to less populous rural communities. In 13 of the state’s most populous cities and counties, including Richmond and Henrico County, it is unlawful to carry in public a loaded semi-automatic center-fire rifle or pistol that is equipped with a magazine that will hold more than 20 rounds of ammunition; designed to accommodate a silencer; or equipped with a folding stock.

That code section has a number of exceptions — for law enforcement officers, security guards, military personnel, people with concealed-carry permits, and those who lawfully are hunting or taking part in recreational shooting activities.
I'm sure those limits would keep a criminal from using those specific firearms in a crime if they were so inclined.

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