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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bank of America at it Again?

Remember when Bank of America gave McMillan Arms the boot because, apparently, they were in the firearms business?  Well, it appears BOA has struck again, this time the target is American Spirit Arms.  This via The Truth About Guns:
What we have experienced is that our web site orders have jumped 500 % causing our web site E commerce processing larger Deposits to BANK OF AMERICA ..Well, this through up a huge RED Flag with Bank of America . So they decided to hold the deposits for further review , meaning that the orders/payments that were coming in through the web ,( being paid by the customer and that were shipped out by American Spirit Arms ),the BANK was keeping (UNDER REVIEW ) you could imagine this made me furious…
American Spirit Arms posted on their Facebook page that for two weeks of sales BOA has only released 1/3 of collected internet sales.  Is this a pattern?

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