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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anti-Rights Side Mounts Offensive Strike

CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing reports that in the hope of keeping the public's attention squaring on their goal of massive restrictions on our rights, the gun ban crowd launched a two prong offensive today.  First, for the first time since resigning her seat in Congress, former Representative Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly took to USA Today to announce the creation of Americans for Responsible Solutions, with the goal of raising gobs of money to try and counter the pro-rights side.  Second, Mayor Bloomberg and his band of merry mayors took to the airwaves with an appeal from the mother of a 9-year-old daughter child who was killed in the Tucson shooting. 

The same report notes that Biden's group of gun ban proponents has meetings planned for tomorrow with gun ban organizations and groups representing victims of gun violence; on Thursday with gun ownership advocates and sportsmens’ groups; and on Friday with Hollywood and video-game lobbyists. To give the appearance that this is all about more than gun control, CQ also mentions that Education Secretary Arne Duncan is meeting with parent and teacher groups, and HHS chief Kathleen Sebelius is meeting with mental health experts.

Regarding that supposed Thursday meeting of "gun ownership advocates and sportsmen groups, a call came in to the VSSA office a producer at CNN's Washington Bureau.  He said that he, and everyone else at CNN are trying to find out exactly who are the "gun rights" groups invited to the meeting.  According to this producer, their sources cannot identify any such groups, and that NRA, GOA, etc have told them they have not been invited, and can't get an answer from the people hosting the meeting.

Folks, we need to make sure our representatives who are our friends do not get weak kneed.  This past Sunday, Gun Talk's Tom Gresham announced Operation Gun Rights, where he asked everyone to call and email your two senators and representative in Congress every week for the next eight weeks and politely let them know we're the good guys, we don't commit crimes, and gun control does not stop criminals, so I am opposed to any and all gun control.  We all need to make calls, send emails, and write letters (understanding that it takes three weeks for a letter to get through the system).

Update: The Hill reports that NRA and a variety of other groups  will meet with Biden on Thursday.

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