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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Obama Tells NBC That He Wants Gun Control Done in 2013

Fox News has this report about  President Obama's taped interview on this morning's Meet the Press, where he told host David Gregory that he wants gun control in 2013 and that he would not put it off to later.

While saying he would not prejudge any recommendations, Obama said he was skeptical about the only answer being to put armed guards in schools.   The National Rifle Association suggested that action in their December 21st press conference, and has been roundly criticised for it even though a number of schools, including 80% of Virginia's middle and high schools already have a law enforcement School Resource Officer (SRO) in schools.

All of the talk coming out of the White House is directed at "reducing gun violence" but the only "solution" they and their compatriots in congress have is to enact restrictions on firearm purchases.

Obama may not be prejudging recommendations but the only recommendations he seems to want are more gun control.

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