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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ridge Rifle Association WOT Attendees: "We Had Blast"

“We had a blast!”  “Thoroughly enjoyed it!”  “Can we come back next weekend?”  These were some of the comments from 72 women participants of the Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic from the Women of the NRA.
Ridge Rifle Association (RRA), a VSSA affiliated club, held its 7th Annual Women On Target event on September 15, 2012 at their private range in Botetourt County, Va.  Over 60 volunteers attended to assure a safe and organized event.  We were fortunate to have the National Director for Woman On Target from the NRA, Diane Danielson, instructing at the pistol and the shotgun firing lines that day.
After being assigned to a relay team of ten, the women and their group leader followed their schedule for a busy day!  Included was a required safety class for a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistols and 20 gauge shotguns before assignments to the firing lines.  RRA had two firing lines with range control officers at each for a ten bench pistol line and a stationary clay target shotgun firing line with five positions.  Each lady had her own individual instructor.   Apprehensive faces turned to smiles as shooters retrieved their targets at the pistol line!  When shotgun shooting was all clear, a spontaneous applause of appreciation happened with relay team 5!
Additional sessions included a Gun Care Cleaning and Safe storage class, an NRA Presentation by Harvey Bulaski and Don Hepler, and a Firearms Display with questions and answers with our members.
A presentation from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries was another stop with John Koloda.  Conservation Police Officer Howald brought Scout from the canine unit.  CPO Howald discussed the use of canines for tracking missing persons, illegally taken game and hidden weapons among other responsibilities.
Two officers from the Botetourt County Sherriff’s Department brought a canine unit to demonstrate and discuss the county program of law enforcement.
Was it a successful Women On Target for the Ridge Rifle Association?  YES!  Good weather—72 eager participants—plenty of volunteers—lunch delivered on time—extra ammunition for FUN!
Ridge Rifle Association Range has a clubhouse with a covered 25 yard pistol line and a covered 50 and 100 yard rifle line.  We have a separate 200 yard line, a trap house and shotgun shooting pad.  Our address is PO Box 382, Fincastle, Va.  24090.

Thanks to Molly Scanland for writing this post and providing the photos.

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