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Friday, September 28, 2012

Absentee Voting Underway in Virginia

In-person absentee voting began last Friday (Sept. 21), and ends on Nov. 3. Applications for mail-in absentee voting are available through the State Board of Elections and local voter registration offices. The Richmond Times Dispatch noted that both Chesterfield and Henrico Counties have seen higher rates of in-person absentee voting in the first week that they did in 2008:
Chesterfield County General Registrar Larry Haake said requests for ballots by mail appear to be the same as in 2008 but that in-person voting is up.

Fewer than 100 people had voted in the first three days of absentee voting in 2008 while this year, as of Tuesday, 185 people had voted absentee in person, he said.

Henrico County's western voter registration location saw 69 voters on the first day of in-person absentee voting and so far has seen close to 300 voters, according to Mark J. Coakley, the county's general registrar. The numbers may be higher whenthe county's eastern location is included.

In 2008, 300 people voted in-person absentee in Henrico through the first week of voting, Coakley said.
There is no way to know if the increased interest in absentee voting in these two areas are a better sign for Romney or Obama but it is clear we need to be All In this year to defeat Barack Obama.  The stakes could not be higher in this election, not only for our rights, but also for the economic health of our nation.  If you are not registered to vote, or if you have moved since the last election and need to re-register, you have until October 15th.  Please take the time to register, you can do it here, and here.

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