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Monday, July 9, 2012

Beware Internet Warnings of UN Arms Treaty

With the United Nations deliberating what is known as the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), the Internet and our email inboxes are full of warnings about Obama signing the treaty.  But as Sebastian notes over on Shall Not Be Questioned, there is more to these stories than the subject at hand.

Groups and individuals will use the ATT to raise money, but as with any information circulated via email and the Internet, we should consider the source and whether they actually have access to factual information.

One group that has covered these proceedings since 2000 has been the NRA. And since 2004, NRANews has covered the proceedings and interviewed those who are actually engaged in the discussions as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). So, follow what is going on at the ATT deliberations, but before forwarding those "sky is falling" emails or writing that check, dig a little deeper and get the facts.

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